Transform Your Bathroom: A Comprehensive Guide for Planning and Design

Renovating or updating your bathroom is a captivating endeavour; however, the extensive range of choices can be overwhelming. To embark on this journey confidently, having a thoroughly planned builder range in Sydney and a solid design is essential. Let us walk you through the most modern floor tiles in Sydney and the standard way of […]

Transform Your Space with Stunning Decor Tiles in Sydney

Sydney, a city that thrives on vibrant energy and captivating design, extends an invitation to transform your living and working spaces into realms of beauty and functionality. Amidst the bustling streets, cultural diversity, and innovative architecture, the transformative power of tiles takes centre stage. Join us as we begin exploring designs, focus more on captivating […]

Complement your Space With Different Types of Tiles!

Tiles have become a prominent choice because of their durability and attractive element. The best part about using tiles in flooring and walls is that even if it gets damaged, you don’t need to replace all the tiles, and only a small section of the floor needs to be pulled apart and fixed. Moreover, tiles […]

PORCELAIN: A Stoneware Tiles

What we commonly refer to as porcelain tiles are highly vitrified stoneware tiles. (vitrify = to turn or transform into a glass or a glassy substance, particularly by heat fusion) Porcelain tiles are an improvement over white clay single-fired tiles, which were an improvement over red clay single-fired tiles. Characteristics Three major differences between porcelain […]

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, once restricted to kitchens and bathrooms, are now a viable option for any business application due to their minimal maintenance quality and versatility. Ceramic tiles are defined as “thin slabs manufactured from clays and/or other inorganic raw materials, mainly used as covers for floors and walls” by Australian Standard AS 4662-2003, which is […]

Wet Pendulum Test

The Wet Pendulum Tester works by detecting the wet dynamic friction between the specimen and the slider of a pendulum swinging in a vertical plane to measure the friction properties of each specimen. In the laboratory, portable equipment is used to classify the wet slip resistance of new flooring (pedestrian surfaces) materials. On-site, it is […]

Rectified V’s Unrectified

Rectified tile is defined as tile that has been mechanically finished on all sides to ensure consistent size and precision. It is most commonly employed in larger tiles, but it is also utilised when large and small tiles are combined to form a patterned design. Rectified tiles give a room a modern appearance, whilst cushioned […]